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Food Logs:

Numerous studies have shown that those who document what they eat and drink throughout the day lose more weight than those who do not.  We recommend that you keep detailed food logs during your preparation for weight loss surgery.  You may either e-mail your food logs to the dietitians or bring them to your follow-up appointments.  We also suggest individuals keep food logs after surgery as well to monitor calories, protein and eating patterns.  It's always a good idea to bring your food logs to your follow-up appointments to review with your dietitian.  If you prefer, you can keep track of what you are eating on free apps available on your smart phone.  We like myfitnesspal and Lose It.

Download 7-day food logs:        or     

Email your food logs

Fax your food logs to: (630) 261-9335, Attention: Dana

Protein List:
Click below for ideas for high protein foods as well as healthy protein bars and protein shakes.

Sample Pre-Op Meal Plans:
Please work with your dietitian to help determine the most appropriate calorie level for you. 

1200 calories    1400 calories    1600 calories    1800 calories

Constipation Solutions:

Post-Op Nutrition Guidelines:

LAP-BAND Procedure:
 Stages 1 and 2                   Stages 3 and 4

Gastric Bypass Procedure:
 Stages 1 and 2                   Stages 3 and 4 

Gastric Sleeve Procedure:
 Stages 1 and 2                   Stages 3 and 4

Favorite Apps and Tech Tools:
From pedometers to heart rate monitors to calorie tracking apps, click below for our list of favorite tech tools!

Restaurant Card

Click on the icon below to download the restaurant cards.  These cards may be helpful in explaining your situation to a server when dining out and may allow you to order a lunch size portion or enable you to split a meal with a family member or friend.