Pre-Op Appointment Information

Congratulations!  If you have a pre-operative appointment, that means that you have met
all of the goals set forward by the physician, dietitian, exercise physiologist
and your insurance company.

About your Pre-Op Visit:

-At your pre-op appointment you are going to learn all that you will need to know about your upcoming surgery including your hospital stay. 

-The Pre-Op Visit is a longer appointment.  Please allow 3 hours for this appointment.  We recommend that you do bring a healthy protein-rich snack with you.  If you will have already started your 14 day liquid diet by your Pre-Op appointment, please bring one of your protein shakes. 

-We know that weight loss surgery is a big decision that requires the support of family and friends.  Please plan to bring a support person (like a spouse, family member or close friend) with you to your appointment. 

Watch the Pre-Op Video:

-To start, we would like you to watch a video presentation about your specific procedure (links to the videos are below). 

-During the video, you will see mini-video instructions on using an Incentive Spirometer and instructions for how to adminster the Heparin shots.  You will receive an Incentive Spirometer in the office when you come in for your Pre-Op visit and will be able to practice using the device at that time.  You will also receive further instructions on administering the Heparin shots. 

Below is a list of Pre-op video and quiz links, please select the link that corresponds to your surgery. Then watch the video and complete the quiz that follows.  The auiz and auiz Score will automatically be e-mailed to the Office Manager when you complete the video and subsequent quiz.

Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve Surgery:

Laparoscopic Lap-Band Surgery:

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery:

If you have any questions or need the password to the videos please call us at (630) 261-9393 or our toll free number (866) 922-4592.