Why Lifeweigh?

Here at Lifeweigh it’s about healthy living for a lifetime.

Whether you need to shed those extra 10 lbs., 50 lbs., 100 lbs., or 200 lbs. we can help you in a way that is safe and sustainable all under one roof in a comprehensive program.

We serve each patient, so they can achieve a healthier life and meet their weight loss goals. Our program does this through education and long-term follow-up of unmatched quality and value, because no matter what treatment you have, long-term follow-up is what will help keep your life on a healthy track. We are called LifeWeigh – because of the lifelong follow-up and support we provide.

Why Lifeweigh?

LifeWeigh Bariatrics has expertise in surgical and non-surgical obesity treatment options and is one of the few comprehensive bariatric programs. Being a comprehensive program means that our patients benefit from having a team of experts, in different fields, under one roof, closely collaborating, so patients get the best treatment possible. It’s also very convenient for patients because they are able to attend their different appointments at the same location. 

Our comprehensive team includes our surgeons, medical obesity specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants a psychological therapist, exercise physiologists, registered dietitians and most importantly, you the patient. Our entire team is specially-trained in the treatment of obesity. 

This is not a cookie cutter program, there’s not just one plan for one patient. We are not moving patients down the same weight loss path. This is a very patient-centric program. We have a highly personalized approach to weight loss. Here it’s all about you, the patient.

To help you meet your weight goals, we will help you make the best treatment choice from our various weight loss approaches, which include a range of options from medical weight loss to non-surgical therapies and if indicated to surgical weight loss.

Why Lifeweigh?

At your first few visits, we will take the time to learn about you and your challenges with weight loss, so we can help you make the best treatment choice to get you to a healthier weight. During these visits, we’ll help you make decisions about realistic lifestyle changes and YOU are part of this team that will make decisions about your care.

We can’t say it enough… we truly care about your health and well-being and we want you to be successful, so if you change your mind and want to switch to another treatment, or your circumstances change, we will work with you to get you on a treatment option that will benefit you the most. 

Let’s now talk about the support and follow-up you can expect at LifeWeigh including:

  • Extensive teaching and individualized and group support for our patients: ongoing for all weight loss treatments
  • Monitor and support our patients after weight loss completion, ensuring long term support for healthy living that is simply not offered by other programs
  • Provide ongoing training and education to help patients develop the life skills necessary for sustained weight loss and healthy living
  • Consistently scheduled support groups on various educational topics which also serve as an opportunity for patients to build a network of new friends. Support groups can be in person at our office or live online.
  • Great tips and recipes from our dietitian on our website, Facebook, and social media to help keep patients with busy lives on track

Know that if you join our program we will strive to help YOU become successful, as we’ve done with so many patients who have come before you, because we enjoy nothing more than seeing our patients thrive as they live a healthier lifestyle for many years to come.

Why Lifeweigh?

This means that we will have a relationship for the rest of your life. You can call us. Think of us as your friend that’s on your side always. 

With our program, you’ll never be alone, there’s no shame or blame. We’re here for you to learn how to be successful through the education we’ll continue to provide to you. With that said, to stay successful there will be accountability on your side. You’ll need to listen, and we have to really listen to you, so we can continue to help you the best we can in your journey. 

Most importantly we care!!

Let Us Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

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