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It is significantly important to monitor your heart rate during exercise if you truly want to maximize your potential weight loss benefits…Studies have shown that by monitoring your heart rate during physical activity, one can expect to improve your resting metabolic rate or resting metabolism…Your resting metabolism is your body’s ability to be able to burn calories while you’re at rest…Why is this significant? We’re at rest most of the time and not exercising…Often times, we can get so concerned with how many calories we’re burning while we’re on the treadmill, but you should be more concerned with how many calories you’re burning when you step off of it…Most of the time we’re not exercising, so if you can improve your body’s ability to burn more calories while at rest, it will make your job much easier not only getting to your goal weight but more importantly, being able to keep it there…Now you might ask what does resting metabolisms have to do with heart rate monitors? Good question but here’s an even better answer…Long term studies show that the longer you exercise at your target heart rate, the more you improve your resting metabolism…The best way to figure out what your target heart rate, is to make an appointment with Life Weigh for and exercise assessment…The best way to monitor your heart rate, is by simply using a heart rate monitor…

A heart rate monitor is a device that allows a user to measure their heart rate in real time. It usually consists of two elements: a chest strap transmitter and a wrist receiver (which usually doubles as a watch). Strapless heart rate monitors are available as well, but lack some of the functionality of the original design. Advanced models additionally measure heart rate variability to assess a user’s fitness.

The chest strap has in contact with the skin to monitor the electrical voltages in the heart. When a heart beat is detected a radio signal is transmitted, which the receiver uses to determine the current heart rate. This signal can be a simple radio pulse or a unique coded signal from the chest strap; the latter prevents one user’s receiver from using signals from other nearby transmitters. 

There are a wide number of receiver designs, with all sorts of advanced features. These include average heart rate over exercise period, time in a specific heart rate zone, calories burned, and detailed logging that can be downloaded to a computer.

Heart rate training are not only used by world class athletes for improved performance, but also everyday people as well…From runners, joggers, bicyclers, and swimmers, to walkers, and people performing either water or chair aerobics…The brand name “Polar”, were the first to come up with heart rate monitors and are the best ones on the market…You can purchase your Polar Heart Rate Monitor at Life Weigh by calling our Downers Grove office at 630-261-9393…

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