Stress & Behavior Management

Psychological Well-being

Psychological well-being is the area most people seem to focus least. Many of our patients feel that they are here to help “others” but not themselves. We urge you to begin paying attention to your own emotional health and take time out for psychological wellness.

Psychological makeup

Influences in our life can become more complex as we get older. Responsibilities increase and input from others increase as well. Our psychological reserve, or ability to work through psychological stresses, decreases as stress increases. We will help you find coping skills to increase your psychological reserve on a daily basis. Other programs don’t address this issue, but we do, because it can be a roadblock to your wellness. If you need help with your coping skills, our psychological therapist can work with you, we can refer you to someone outside our program, or you can choose someone on your own. 

Psychological wellness

We may need to work on current psychological illnesses, if they are not already being treated, such as depression, anxiety, or even eating disorders. Healthy coping mechanisms also help in creating this form of wellness.

Healthy Coping Skills

Examples of good coping skills include: Meditation and relaxation techniques, having time for yourself, physical activity or exercise, reading, spending time with friends, finding humor, spending time on your hobbies, spirituality, listening to music, and many others.

Our team will work together along with you, our most important team member, to address the physical, emotional, and psychological issues that all contribute to obesity, so you can get a strong foundation around wellness that will support your life whenever issues occur.

We place such importance on the wellness foundation, we just discussed, because treatments for obesity like medications, endoscopic therapies and surgical options cannot work alone. By themselves, these interventions will have little impact on your overall health long term. However, but when they are combined with lifestyle modification and accountability, the results of these treatments can far surpass what can be achieved with diet and exercise alone and can lead to sustained weight loss and improved health.

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