Preparing for Bariatric Surgery


Now it’s time to prepare for surgery:

The Pre-Op Visit

  • You will learn about your upcoming including your hospital stay.
  • This will be a longer appointment. Please allow 3 hours for this appointment. You will be visiting with the surgeon, dietitian and exercise specialist. We recommend that you do bring a healthy protein-rich snack with you.
  • We know that weight loss surgery is a big decision that requires the support of family and friends. Please plan to bring a support person (like a spouse, family member or close friend) with you to your appointment. We prefer you limit the number to 2 others at this visit.

Watch the Pre-Op Video

  • Watch the video that pertains to your specific surgery (Band, Bypass or Sleeve).
  • During the video, you will see mini-video instructions on using an Incentive Spirometer and instructions for how to administer the Heparin shots. You will receive an Incentive Spirometer in the office when you come in for your Pre-Op visit and will be able to practice using the device at that time. You will also receive further instructions on administering the Heparin or alternative Lovenox shots.

Below is a list of Pre-op video and quiz links, please select the link that corresponds to your surgery. Then watch the video and complete the quiz that follows. The quiz and quiz score will automatically be e-mailed to the Office Manager when you complete the video and subsequent quiz. 

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Healthcare Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to name an agent who would have your permission to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you were for some reason unable to speak with your physician yourself. In advance of surgery, we recommend you consider completing Healthcare Power of Attorney.

If you have any questions about preparing for bariatric surgery or need the password to the videos please call us at (630) 261-9393. 

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