Exercise Program

Physical Activity:

Regular physical activity is one of the most important components for improving health and managing weight long-term. Physical activity includes structured exercise as well as activities of daily living, such as walking for transportation, at the job, or activities such as cleaning or gardening. There are numerous health benefits to being physically active, including improved blood sugar control, improved blood pressure, improved mobility, improved mood and sleep, decreased risk for heart disease and cancer, and improvements in weight. However, many people face barriers to physical activity, such as joint pain, lack of time, lack of motivation, and fatigue. Our on-site exercise physiologists will take your goals and barriers into account to help you create an individualized activity plan that works for YOU. 

Studies have also shown that the risk of many postoperative complications is reduced in patients who are involved in a regular aerobic exercise program before surgery. Therefore, for our surgical patients, it is vitally important to follow through with the exercise program designed for you by our team, to make sure that your surgery is as safe as possible. Exercise will help all of our patients, whether they have surgery or not, achieve their weight loss goals and will help them maintain their weight loss long-term.

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