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An eating plan is not a diet. A diet refers to an eating plan that allows you to lose weight, and when you attain that weight loss goal, you return to your regular life and abandon the eating plan you were on. An example is a diet that you start and after 10 weeks you have lost the desired amount you tried to lose, and then go back to all the same eating habits as before the diet. This will result in complete weight regain.

Our eating plans involve the creation of an individualized plan that provides you with the nutrients that your body needs, while reducing calories from nutrients that your body does not need. This allows for adequate calories and protein in a day while allowing your body to use your stored fat as a fuel source. Our dietitians and obesity specialists are experts in many eating plans that can help you achieve this goal and will develop a plan that is tailored to YOUR specific needs. They will help you determine the right balance of nutrients and can help you with recipes and tools so you can achieve your nutrition and weight goals. 

How do we know what is the right amount of calories to eat? 

When you are seen at LifeWeigh, our team will approximate calories that you burn in a day. Based on your progress, we may test your actual metabolism or calories burned in a day with a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test. The RMR is a non-invasive test done in our office and takes about 15 minutes. The metabolic test result is then used to tailor a meal plan and better advise you on treatments that suit you best. These results are specific for you and your metabolism to allow for weight loss results at the pace and goal you desire.

Change is hard, so we work with you individually to create a set eating schedule to help you plan better. We also will teach habits and techniques which produce fullness sooner when you eat and diminish your appetite to put you in control to make healthier choices.

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