Revisional Surgery

Occasionally bariatric operations require revisions due to surgical complications such as fistula, obstructions, ulcers, severe reflux or band complications. The majority of revisional surgeries are performed endoscopically or laparoscopically at LifeWeigh. A careful evaluation that includes endoscopy and imaging helps determine the cause of suspected surgical complications or inadequate weight loss. Although revisional bariatric surgery is higher risk, our surgeons have achieved successful outcomes in the vast majority of patients as a result of their experience.

Weight loss has its ups and downs and as always we continue to have the resources necessary for your long term success including diet, exercise, support, and counseling. Bariatric Surgeons at LifeWeigh are at the forefront of using new endoscopic procedures to improve weight loss. Endoscopic revision to reduce the size of the gastric pouch is covered by many insurance plans if you qualify. It is less expensive than surgery and takes less time to recover as well but only works with the lifestyle changes that are necessary for long term success. Patients say they feel more satisfied after eating less and it’s the boost they need to move ahead and achieve their goals.

If you have experienced weight gain after your surgery, not achieved your goal weight or know somebody who is experiencing issues after bariatric surgery LifeWeigh will help kick start a new path toward wellness. If you need help, I hope you’ll reach out to our team for the support you deserve.

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