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We are pleased to share some of our patient's experiences with you! 

Video Testimonials:

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Written Testimonials:

Adrienne Jablonski, written 7-26-12:
Meeting with the nutritionists helped me understand the importance of how much a change in my eating habits would facilitate my success.  I never realized how protein would affect my energy and fullness level. 

It’s so important to maintain an exercise routine.  Joey’s plan prior to surgery focused on arm strength and walking.  Little did I know how much I needed arm strength after the surgery since my mid-section was tender for a while. 

The LifeWeigh group feels like my “big brother”.  The surgery and support staff are always there helping me make better decisions on food and exercise.

Doctors Mikhail and Rosen are supportive and encouraging and want their patients to succeed and reclaim their lives. 

Therese Wells, written 7-26-12:
I am 5 weeks out after surgery.  My experience with LifeWeigh has been most positive.  Staff addresses every issue and concern quickly and thoroughly. 

My feelings are positive- this is doable.

Medical conditions- swelling in legs improved.

Life change? It’s early in the game, but I feel positive and have better energy.

Cindylee Vrtis, written 7-26-12:
I appreciate Lifeweigh, both the doctors and the entire staff.  The program is very thorough.  Enjoyed the doctor’s humor and expertise.  I had Roux n Y gastric bypass.  Was unsure in early stages of decision making, but it was the best decision I ever made! I had elevated liver enzymes, diabetes (20+ years), hypertension and other issues.  Was on over 7 meds daily.  Now, 8 months post-op, all labs are normal, no more meds, I’ve walked 3-5K’s and feel healthy. 

Our family just got back from Yellowstone and it was so much fun especially since my granddaughter went.  It was easy keeping up with her now.


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